Our Mission

We are here to solve the quality education crisis by revolutionising the way education is practised today using technology.

Building the Knowledge Ecosystem

Our scalable solutions powered by technology helps us to connect various stakeholders in the knowledge economy by enabling them to mutually exchange values for learning, development and resourcing.

Our Story

We all know Thomas Alva Edison for his famous invention - Light Bulb. But, many of us do not know his failed school life. Tagged as "addled" and dropped out of school, Edison was taught by his mother at home. Much of his Education later is from self-learning. The rest is history where he founded the General Electric Company, which changed the course of the World.

Does it mean that each student if found a right teacher can become like Edison?

Yes, we believe students are like Edison(s), and we can unleash their potential by connecting them with the right Teachers and Teaching methods. Education should empower students to succeed not just in school but in realizing their dreams. We believe that there is more to Education than what the current educational system teaches.

Born out of the vision to scale quality education to millions, we aim to make this world a better place to Learn.

Our Team

Deepak Murugaian

Deepak Murugaian

Co-founder, CEO

Deepak started his career with a renowned research lab and later moved into data analytics. He was consulting a lot of fortune organisations to make decisions driven by data. Deepak also delivers training sessions for renowned research labs and academia. He holds a Masters degree in Artificial Intelligence from Heriot-Watt University. During weekends, you can either see him cycling in the streets of Bangalore or in badminton courts. Deepak is currently the Co-Founder and CEO of Teachedison.

Neeraj Krishnamoorthy

Neeraj Krishnamoorthy

Co-Founder and Director

Neeraj started his career as a software development professional. After graduating from B-School, he joined a data analytics startup and worked closely with the leadership team in the areas of marketing and sales. Neeraj holds a post graduate program in management from Great Lakes. In his spare time, he enjoys playing cricket. Neeraj is currently the Co-Founder and Director at TeachEdison leading business development.



Co-Founder and Director

Sivakumar started his software development career in an analytics startup where he made significant contributions in the area of product design and development. Siva has his strengths in UI/UX design and cloud architecture. He is a big time foodie and likes to watch action-flick movies in his free time. He is currently the Co-Founder and Director at TeachEdison leading engineering operations.

Kalyana Kannan

Kalyana Kannan

Full Stack developer

Kalyan started his career as an independent freelancer staying away from the corporates. He has his expertise in OOAD and is a full stack developer. Kalyan holds a masters degree in computer applications from Coimbatore Insitute of Technology. He is an avid follower of world cinema and loves to read books. Kalyan is also the first non-founding employee of TeachEdison and leads product development.

Lakshmi Prasanna

Lakshmi Prasanna

Social Media specialist

Lakshmi Prasanna started her career as a Placement Associate after MBA. Her strength lies in establishing processes and executing it. In her leisure time, she loves to hear music and reads books. Lakshmi is currently the custodian of pedagogy and social media operations at TeachEdison.

Jagmohan Durganandan

Jagmohan Durganandan

Head - Content & Operations

Jagmohan graduated as a Civil Engineer. His last job was as an Execution Engineer in the field of building construction. Everything he's done later has had nothing to do with his degree. Fuelled by an entrepreneurial spirit, Jag has tried his hand in diverse businesses with the most recent one being home food business. While his home-food business is sailing smooth, he feels TeachEdison is his next project. Jag currently heads Content & Operations at TeachEdison. His interests range from stock markets to spirituality and everything in between.

Bennett Samuel

Bennett Samuel

Creative Media specialist

Samuel started working right from his teenage. He's juggled between his education and early work life with all success during which he completed his animation course and then got into the creative industry. He's been part of the editing team of a Kannada Feature Film. He is passionate about bikes and film-making. His burning desire is to make a road trip movie. He is the custodian of Pedagogy and Social Media Operations at TeachEdison and also an integral member of TeachEdison's creative media functions.

Our Operational Pillars

A hybrid approach of products and process for effecting the ecosystem.


Next Generation technology accelerators provide scalable amd customizable cloud platforms.

Creative Media

Produce movie like high quality educational content in a short time, accessible at any place.



Our Instructional Design Framework enables domain agnostic approach for efficient teaching.


Embedded Analytics helps one to take effective decisions to deliver the best learning experience.

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