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Give your business the ability to create courses and assess employees for compliance requirements!

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A tailor-made solution that is designed to fit your requirements

We’ll take care of your hardware and the software requirements so that you can focus on what really matters – Teaching.

Course Content Creation

Can’t persuade your team to read another tedious training material? Are your customers reluctant to learn to use your product or service? Whether producing internal training, client training or professional education, one cannot create an online course by merely recording video lectures and presume to offer a compelling learning experience. Training doesn't have to be dull.

Our team of instructional designers use the futuristic techniques based on cognitive science and grasping theory to strike the right balance between pedagogy, technology and content. Our videos blend the essential messages you need to get across with emotion, storytelling and precise editing. Your audience learn more efficiently when they're engaged, and most importantly, they retain that information. Also, too often, online programs resemble others on the market. Instead, our team of specialists can create the right user interface that resembles your brand and the experience you want. A compelling video starts with an effective video strategy, and we can help with that too.

A tailor-made video content that is designed to fit your requirements

Be it training or marketing, we help you with the right media format that is effective and fits your budget!

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Born To Learn
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Today, people are in need of a more personalised, discoverable learning environment that mimics the experiences to the ones outside of their work environment. Technology, here will act as the liaison for the convergence of modern and traditional, informal and formal, discoverable and directed learning in a way that engages and supports the audience. We believe Education Technology exists for pedagogy and not the other way around. We approach each problem from the top, finding the balance, between technology IT infrastructure and your training requirements.

Additionally, through incorporating open standards such as LTI, SCORM, and REST APIs, we create platforms that freely exchange data between existing systems and integrate with your internal IT infrastructure pieces such as CRMs, ERPs and HRMs. Yes! We can also integrate with cutting edge online learning solutions – like adaptive learning engines, video, content management and more to create a personalised learning path.We have the technology that can implement your pedagogical ideas. Let's get on a call and explore collaboration opportunities!

A tailor-made solution that is designed to fit your requirements

We’ll take care of your hardware and the software requirements so that you can focus on what really matters – Teaching.

Talent Pipeline

Custom Branding

True white labelled solution where our experts work with you to turn your dream into reality!

New Hire Orientation

Classroom Digitization

Our digital experts help you to set up the right equipment to deliver the best AV experience.


Data Analytics

Fine tune learning program with timely insights on improvement opportunities.

Research and Development

Online Live Lecturing

Simulate in-person collaboration with our advanced communication channels.


Data Security

No more licenses hassles or shared cloud machines. Get dedicated cloud systems in your name.

Knowledge management

Autopilot Mode

Be it math, essay, or coding. Take advantage of our virtual labs & assessment engine with auto graders.

How We Work

We are unlike most organisations you meet. We are particular in the projects to invest our time on. They have to be challenging, where we collaborate with passionate clients. We don't sell products but provide solutions.

Our team works with clients on each aspect of building a unique learning experience, including project management, instructional design, UI/UX, development, hosting and support. We operate on SAAS model for technology and service model for content, which means the content IP and revenue are yours to keep.

We are a bootstrapped private company with no external investors and no 'exit plan,' so the only people we bother to make happy are our employees, our clients and their learners. Reach us to learn more.

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