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Be it your GRE, IAS, IIT-JEE, GMAT, Music School or Chess academy, we got the right tools you need.

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With new inventions changing lives every day, the underlying technologies powering these innovations also change. Thanks to the internet, Here is a solution that empowers subject experts to quickly dissipate knowledge that mimics the classroom learning experience and facilitates rapid upskilling. TeachEdison's Integrated Learning suite helps you bridge the logistical gaps in e-learning and manage scale through automation.
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Elegant, powerful, and easy to use cloud-based platform

People enjoy that it's fairly easy to navigate around, intuitive and straight-forward. We also like having video integrated in courses and the fact that people attend live sessions from their home.
Surya - Founder(Accountingminds)

Integrated suite for uncompromised learning experience

Avoid the pain of working with multiple vendors. We provide you with a holistic solution that takes care of technology, content and analytics to help you do more with less!

Cloud Platform

Cloud Platform

Designed to help you do more with less! Secure and flexible to scale according to your needs.


White Labelling

Take advantage of your expertise. Increase brand visibility and loyalty with white labelling.


Embedded Analytics

Fine tune learning program with timely insights on improvement opportunities.


Live Lecturing

Simulate in-person collaboration with our advanced communication channels.


Integrated Payment Gateway

Dedicated payment gateway that supports hasslefree - recurring payments, debit and refunds.

Programming Labs


Unlimited email support, free training webinars enable you to get the most out of your cloud school.

The Holistic Solution

We present you an end-end knowledge solution for creating a future-ready academy. Get more from your training programs with our teaching suite comprising of e-learning technology, content, pedagogy and analytics.

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