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A web talk show that will feature subject experts, industry leaders and professionals who will share their precious wisdom in snippets over live webinar sessions. It involves interviews, Q&A, Presentations, debates and much more.


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Sentiment Analysis Demystified

TeachEdison Intermediate

Sentiment analysis is a trending problem in the data analytics domain especially when it comes to enhancing customer experience. This Talk will feature the crux of sentiment engine and will discuss the manoeuvrings one can take to resolve business problems.

Social networks are ubiquitous in the world we live in. From protein and neural networks in our body to online social networks like Facebook and Twitter, the analysis of networks is an emerging area of great importance. In this talk, we look at the fundamental tenets of social network analysis, and some associated visualisations using Gephi.

The availability of large amounts of transactional and historical data has made it possible to make accurate predictions in many real-world contexts. However, predictive models still don’t help us understand what causes a certain outcome. How can we exploit large datasets to answer deeper questions on causality? What fresh insights can we generate for ML researchers?